Marketing Intelligence
at your fingertips


Delivering the voice of billions of people from the web and social media
for you to analyze. Mandala Analytics gives you customer insights
and improves your decisions on their needs.

Today’s business success
depends on data and insights.!

Mandala provides data to boost your creativity, enhance productivity, assist superior decision making and give you the edge to stay on top of the game.

We are constantly monitoring millions of channels daily, capturing billions of mentions form all continents and languages. Our engine allows us to source the most crucial data for your key decision making.


Listening Analytics

Discover conversations and topics
with online listening

Be the first to uncover information in the online space that is critical for your brand success. Find the right insights, be informed, gain the competitive edge and be creative with data using powerful Mandala Analytics.


Why social listening with mandala analytics ?

See how Mandala Analytics can help your business

Listening and Monitoring

Monitoring and benchmarking online mentions for better brand awareness and management

Insight Research

Find the relevant online insights about your brand, competitors, market and consumers

Content Strategy: Content Discovery and Curation

Discover inspirational content and learn what work best for your audience

Improve Sales and Engage with Customers

Knowing exactly what the customer wants, helps to improve sales tremendously

Business Development

Be the first to innovate new products, services and provide new business opportunities

Influencers and Trendspotting Channels Marketing

Locate the most viral trends and key influencers


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